Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monstrous Poetry and My New Book, Skin Job


Here's the first published poem, "R. J. MacReady, The Thing" from the "Final Girls" series I've been working on, part of Eye to the Telescope's fifth issue (lgbtq sci fi & fantasy theme!). Thanks to issue editor Steven M. Wilson for choosing it.

And here's a video of "Box Office Poison" from Friday's wildly successful Greenwood Lit Crawl in Seattle. Many thanks to Greg Bem, Graham Isaac, and Aaron Kokorowski for organizing and asking me to perform and emcee.

"Box Office Poison" will appear in Skin Job, my new chapbook due out in September from Minor Arcana Press. It was first published by blossombones.

Stay lovely,

The Corpse Flower by Bruce Beasley

Frankenstein, directed by Danny Boyle

Madonna, Ray of Light (she don't make 'em like she used to)

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