Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Dear lovers,

I've been so busy lately. I haven't been blogging, because I'm out and about doing things like this:

As such, I've decided to start posting videos for a while. They're strong content, yet quick for me to post. I hope you enjoy. You'll be seeing a few of my favorite poetic things.

I would like to thank Scott Adams of Birds May Bite for collaborating and writing music and lyrics with me. Also, Richard Hugo House and the Seattle Bushwick Book Club for putting on the show and selecting me to be in it. Mad love.

Love love love,

{Please google the following if you haven't heard of them--I'm a bit tight on time and won't be linking them as usual}

With Deer by Aase Berg
Final Girl by Daphne Gottlieb
The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by Brian Eno & David Byrne
Mixed Emotions by Tanlines
Suspiria soundtrack by Goblin

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Silence of the Lambs

a serial poem about the women who survive slasher movies

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