Saturday, May 26, 2012

Poemocracy Loves Keith Morris Stegosaurus Kurzman


I would like to now bring your attention to Keith "Morris Stegosaurus" Kurzman. I first saw him perform last year, and I was swept away. Mr. Stegosaurus is a performance poet and frequent presence in the slam scene. However, while slam poetry tends to be dominated by subjects of social justice, trauma-turned-triumph, or just venting about life's petty irritations (in my own humble observation), Morris Stegosaurus shines ever more brightly as someone who is just plain funny. Hilarious, even. He's absurd, yet not so absurd as to be alienating. I once saw/heard him perform a poem about a man with five penises, each of which secretes a different salad dressing, except of course for the one that secretes a deadly neurotoxin.

Come on, poemocrats. You can't beat that.

As in my last post on the wickedly talented Sara Brickman, Kurzman/Stegosaurus is in the final round for a Write Bloody book deal. I don't really know him, other than brief meetings at readings, but I'm a big fan of his work. He's a slam poetry supervillain, offering a hearty and much needed "Get over yourself" to competitors and audiences who think that anyone who raps about cancer is "brave" and "talented." [Important note: I do not wish to criticize the hard-working and inspired poets who are there to share what they do, regardless of the results. Y'all know audience judges are at best unpredictable, and at worst entirely predictable.]

I'm rooting for Kurzman and Brickman to get books with Write Bloody this year. They each richly deserve it. Again, if you enjoy what he does in the video below, please click "like," as that accounts for 20% (twenty percent? twenty mutherf###ing percent) of the final "score" that nets them a book deal.

Slam poets can't seem to get away from a need for audience approval, even when it comes down to a book deal. Good luck, Keith & Sara.

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