Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jay Snodgrass + Graphic Poems


Check out what my poetry big-bro Jay Snodgrass is up to. He has been savvily uploading his chapbooks to for a while, and he just debuted his poem-comic, A Stay Against Darkness.

I love Jay. I really love the piss out of him. In addition to a shit-ton of hand-made chapbooks, Jay is also the author of Monster Zero and The Underflower. He's a special and kind friend, and he's also a talented avant garde madman.


Or this, which fills me with perverse glee:

Please go visit Jay's blog and then his Issuu account right now.

And if you know of any poetry comics I need to see, please comment on this post.


PS- big shouts to the Breadline boys, who made it into the USA Today, and Jason Conger, who gave me his H R Giger Baphomet tarot deck last night at the Breadline.

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