Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poetry, Best Friends, Love, and Seagulls

Dear Poemocrats,

My very best friend of eleven years, Mykol Radziszewski (don't worry, I can't pronounce it either), is the March featured writer on the website of Bent Writing Institute. I'm super mega electric proud of him.

The fact that the poem is about me just makes it that much more delightful (to me, anyway).

Mykol and I will be reading together in Seattle at Makeda Coffee on April 21.


Phantom of the Paradise (for those who like The Apple and maybe Rocky Horror)
Society (don't bother unless you are a really hard-core body horror fan)

The Wild Boys by William Burroughs (erotic, surreal, y'know, Burroughs)
Moving Day by Ish Klein (language-y and avant but compelling and not impenetrable)

Lupercalia by Patrick Wolf (my #1 celebrity crush)
Ceremonials by Florence + the Machine (the new Tori Amos)

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