Friday, March 23, 2012

NYC reading tour begins tonight!

Dear NYC friends,
If you need some monstrous poetry to cool your heart in this heat wave, check out the following readings:
Mini-reading: Assaracus Journal Showcase, New York City, Friday March 23, 7:30pm, The Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies, w/ lots and lots and lots of poets
Mini-reading: Rainbow Book Fair, NYC, Saturday March 24, LGBT Community Center w/ every-dang-body
Feature reading: JujoMukti Tea Lounge, NYC, Sunday March 25, 6-8pm, w/ Steve Dalachinsky & Miriam Stanley
Other good New York City news:
Hello Kitty Chainsaw is currently under review for sale at an NYC museum and at Blue Stocking books. I'll put up links when these hit the shelves.
Also, Marie-Elizabeth + Taylor Mali look well. Still kicking ass and taking names.
Love and monsters,

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